• Headset

    Headset introduction


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    To do this

    How to do

    Turn on or off

    • Long press "Power" button for 3 seconds: Turn on the device.

    • Long press "Power" button for 3 seconds until the menu appears to turn off. Or press “Power” button for 5~10 seconds for instead.

    Hibernation Mode

    Enter to hibernation mode:

    • While the headset off and the sensor do not detect. 

    • Press “Power” button to place your device in hibernation.

    Release from hibernation mode:

    • While the headset on and the sensor do detect. 

    • Press “Power” button to wake your device from hibernation.

     *Note: Should you find any issues, press "Power" button once to pause the headset. To resume, please press again after 1 second.


    • Long press "Function" button for 3 seconds to calibrate your location in virtual world.

    Volume Control 

    •  Press to adjust volume.


    How to wear



    • When you use for the first time, remove the protective films on the tracking modules and lens of your headset. This makes your screen clear and improves the user experience.

    • It is not necessary to remove your glasses to watch videos when using your headset.


  • Controller

    Function buttons 





    Track pad

    • To teleport: Point at a Landing spot, and press to move to the spot.

    • To interact with object: Point at an object and press to trigger the action.

    • To scroll: Touch with thumb and slide to scroll the page. 


    Action button

    • Long press "Action" button and "Menu" button for 3 seconds: To pair or turn on your controller.

    • Long press for 3 seconds: To perform calibration when controller mismatch with the control direction.


    Menu button

    • Long press "Action" button and "Menu" button for 3 seconds: To pair or turn on your controller.

    • Press once: Open the "Main Menu".


     Trigger button

    •  Differs by application.


    Grip button

    • Press and hold: Point at an object, press and hold to grab the objects.


     LED Indicator

    • Indicator flashing: Pairing in progress.

    • Indicator on: Power on or successfully paired.


    *Note: Differs by application. 


    How to wear



  • Tracker

    How to wear

    Please ensure tracker positions are correct with directions facing outwards.