• Unboxing Steps

    Let us walk you through the right steps to operate your XRSPACE MANOVA headset safely and maximize your experience. Please read this guide carefully before getting started and make sure you meet all the following requirements: 

    1. Take out XRSPACE MANOVA headset from the box.

    2. Before setting up your XRSPACE MANOVA headset, make sure you have taken out all items in the box.


    The box of your XRSPACE MANOVA contains the following items:

    • XRSPACE MANOVA headset

    • Controller

    • Carry case

    • Adaptor

    • USB cable

    • Lanyard

    • Two AA batteries (to use with the controller)

    • Quick Start Guide

    • Safety and Warranty Manual


    *Note: When you try to connect your XRSPACE MANOVA headset to your controller, make sure the lanyard has been tied to your controller.


    First-Time Usage Flow