• Cautions

    Before using your VR system, always use our product in the environments that are safe and familiar to you!


    Place of use

    The device is specifically designed for indoor use. Observe your surroundings and choose a suitable play area before starting to use the device.

    Clear any obstacles before using the device. Ensure that the play area is spacious enough to prevent collision with other people, objects, furniture, ceiling fans, or other items. Please also make sure to avoid areas which may cause you to lose balance during playing such as stairs, open doorways, or windows. Failure to do so may cause property damage or serious injury.

    While with headset on, avoid facing blank walls, transparent glass and mirrors closely which may cause issues with the tracking system. 


    Please make sure your environment is not too dark or not too bright for best experience.


    For safety reasons, we recommend sitting on a swivel chair or standing still to experience.


    When you are standing or sitting in the virtual world, it is not always related to whether you are actually standing or sitting in the real world. When you are seated in the virtual world, you will notice that your virtual legs appear and your view angle is adjusted accordingly.


    Visit the Health & Safety Warnings for more information on the safe use of your VR system.

    *Thoughtful tips

    1. Before using the device, make sure you are always in the center of the play area, i.e. you should reserve minimum space, 3 meter x 3 meter square, away from potential hazards (such as furniture or wall).

    2. See-through mode* will switch from virtual to real world view automatically when you venture beyond the Guardian area. *See-through mode: uses the front-facing optical sensors embedded on your headset to display real world surroundings within the headset.