• Create Account

    Connect your headset to the power outlet through USB cable. When the LED indicator turns green, it is fully charged.


    Turn on your phone, download and install XRSPACE App, and follow the on-screen instructions to pair with the device. Then you will have the best experience:

    • Open XRSPACE App.

    • "Sign in" or "Create account" at the bottom of the screen and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

      • Create account: Enter your email account, password, nickname, username and date of birth on XRSPACE App. Next, go to your Inbox to find the verification email and click the link for the account verification. Then, sign in to your account.

      • Sign in: Enter your email address and password.

    • Select a country, and create your account profile.


    *Note: To install the XRSPACE App, you must meet the necessary requirements: 

    • iOS: For Apple iOS 13.0 or above, go to Apple Store to download and install it.

    • Android: For Android 7.0 or above, go to Google Play to download and install it.

  • Create Avatar

    Create your own avatar for your account and show your charming characters.


    Create your avatar through XRSPACE App on your phone: 

    • Select “Start” to create your avatar.

    • Select “Gender of avatar” and "Choose avatar generation" , then tap “Next”.

    • Use editing tools (default) or take a photo to generate a new avatar for you and customize it based on your preference.

    • Click "Upload" to finish setting up your avatar.2_US.png

  • Connect to Wi-Fi and Pair the Headset

    For more functions and features, your headset must be connected to Wi-Fi. Please select Wi-Fi during the setup process.


    Configure Wi-Fi settings through XRSPACE App on phone:  

    • Click "Pair new headset" on XRSPACE App.

    • Enter the six-digit number displayed on your device into XRSPACE App on phone.

    • Choose Wi-Fi you want, and enter the password.

    • Choose a "Language".



    • If you encounter any problem when using or configuring your device, make sure Wi-Fi signal is good. You can try to move to another location when the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

    • For developers, please check the developer documentation for more info.


    Configure Wi-Fi settings on XRSPACE MANOVA world

    • Turn on your headset and go to XRSPACE MANOVA world.

    • Select "Settings" in the Main Menu.

    • Select "Wi-Fi network" in the sidebar.

    • Choose Wi-Fi you want and enter the password. (*You can connect to a hotspot on your mobile device for the network connection.)


  • Pair the Controller

    You can navigate in XRSPACE MANOVA world with your hands or controller.


    Pair the controller with the headset: 

    • Open your XRSPACE App.

    • Click "Connect headset, controller, tracker" on the setting page.

    • Press and hold the "Menu" button and "Action" button on the controller at the same time. You will see the LED indicator on the controller starting to flash until it turns on and the screen on the phone shows paired. 


    *Note: Before you begin, make sure your controller has been installed with the supplied batteries and the lanyard has been tied to your controller.

  • Activation

    Next steps, confirm the activation message on XRSPACE App:

    • Read the health and safety guide on XRSPACE App, and select "Confirm".

    • You will see the "Settings" and "Friends" pages once activated.