• If my account is offline in XRSPACE MANOVA World.

    When your account is offline, the account status next to people icon appears offline. You may try the following methods:

    1. Click "People icon" next to your account, and tap "log in".

    2. Choose your Wi-Fi network and enter the password to make sure you’re connected to the internet.


    If your problem still persists, contact XRSPACE Support Center for assistance.

  • My hand gestures cannot be detected.

    The headset is built with the tracking module which is used to track your hand gestures and surroundings.

    If your gestures cannot be detected, try to perform the following steps:

    • Check if the screen protector on the tracking module is removed.

    • Check if your gestures are performed within the tracking range of the headset. (The optimal detection area is  70 degrees vertical and 120 degrees horizontal.)

    • Press “Power” button to go to hibernation mode. And press it again to restart your headset.

    • To precisely track your gestures, always keep your tracking module clean. 


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  • How to add friends?

    Add Friends on XRSPACE App or XRSPACE MANOVA world. 


    1. Open XRSPACE App on phone.

    2. After logging into your account, tap the “Friends” icon at the bottom left corner.

    3. Tap “Add Friends” to search for your friend’s username or nickname.


    1. Open the “Main Menu” and select the “Friends”.

    2. You can use the “Search” function at the top right corner to search for the friend's username or nickname. After adding, wait for your friends to accept the invite. 


  • How to interact with friends?

    You can follow one of the following methods to interact with your friends:

    • Move closer and hold out hands to do the interaction such as "high five", "shake hands"...etc.

    • You can open "Interaction Panel" by pointing to your friend and tap on him/her. (*Move closer if the "Interaction Panel" is not showing up.)


  • How do I relocate my position?

    Try the steps below to relocate your position.

    • Press the “Function” button to relocate it.

    • Press “Power” button to go to Sleep mode. And press it again to restart your headset.

    • Press and hold the “Power" button for 3 seconds until the menu appears. And then press "Volume" button to select restart option and "Function" button to perform it.


  • How do I watch movies with my friends?

    Watch movies together with your friends online ! 

    Invite friends to watch movies:

    1. Open "Main Menu", select "Navigate" and go to "CHT Cinema". 

    2. Click "Friends", and invite them to watch movies.

    3. Send an invitation, and wait your friends to accept it.

    4. Point at the cinema screen, and choose the movie you want. 

    Join a movie and watch together:

    1. Open "Main Menu", select "Friends".

    2. Join a movie together with your friend.


    See figure 1: Search friends, and click the icon in the upper right if you want to invite them or join in.

    See figure 2: Call your friends, and see the buttons on left side if you want to invite them or join in.

    *Green: Invite friends.

    *Yellow: Join in.


  • How do I do video chat with my friends?

    When you want to have video chat or a video conference with your friends, you can follow the method below:

    1. Open “Main Menu” and select “Friends” to the left.

    1. Select online friends.

    2. Tap “Call” at the top right corner.

    3. The screen will show you and your friends' avatars. Wait for them to answer your call.

    4. You can tap “Add Friend” at the bottom right corner anytime and talk to 15 friends in a group at the same time.

    *Tip: You can video chat only with your friends.

  • How do I precisely position my gesture?

    Please refer to the article Basic Gestures for more info.


  • How to move to other scenes?

    Open your “Main Menu”, click any scene in “Navigate”, and easily go to any of your desired place.


  • Can I perform hand gestures and use the controller at the same time?

    The built-in tracking module can track hand gestures. If you have paired with and turn on the controller, the screen will simultaneously show the hand gesture and controller.

    If you want to perform an action (for example: grab objects), the priority is given to the gesture or controller action that is sensed first. you can refer to the article Basic Gestures and Controller for more details. 

  • Are the objects movable or usable in the scene?

    If you point at one object in the scene, and it is movable or usable, a white border will appear around it. You can grasp or move it by using hand gestures or controller.

  • How to use "Media" in the XRSPACE MANOVA world?

    XRSPACE allows to you see trailers and movies in an immersive way in any virtual environment. 

    Watch videos via Media : 

    • Put on your headset and turn it on.

    • Select “Media”.

    • Select a video genre, and select what you want to watch.



    • You have to watch videos via Wi-Fi connections.

    • You can watch the video you subscribe via “Media” but you cannot download it.

  • How do I upload pictures or videos to my Headset?

    How to operate:

    1. Use the USB cable to connect your computer to your headset.

    2. Put on your headset and select “Accept” to allow your computer to access your headset. In the meantime, hold out your right hand with your palm facing you and then close your fist to open "Quick Access", click "Message", select "see the more option" to transfer files.

      • For Windows, the headset will be automatically detected and its driver will install on your computer.

      • For Mac, you have to install the “Android file transfer” Tool to transfer files between devices.

      • On the Chromebook and Chrome operating system, you must use the Files application to access your headset.

    3. Select files on your computer and click and drag it to your headset.

      • Move your pictures to the specified folder (Pictures). Subsequently you can view them by going to “Gallery” in XRSPACE MANOVA world.

      • Move your videos to the specified folder (Movies). Subsequently you can view them by going to “Gallery” in the XRSPACE MANOVA world. 

    If the corresponding driver of the headset cannot be installed on your computer :

    1. Make sure you use the USB cable supplied with XRSPACE MANOVA package.

    2. Make sure you have tapped “Accept” in the headset so that your computer can access the files in your headset.

    3. Update the driver of your device:

      • Go to the computer desktop (i.e. Windows) , Search “Device Manager”.

      • Select “XRSPACE Device” or “Portable Device” to expand your options.

      • Right-click on your “XRSPACE Device” and select “Update Driver”.

      • Select the “Browse” for Computer option and select one.

      • Select “MTP USB Device” and select Next to finish update. 

    *Thoughtful tips

    The supported file formats are:

    • Video formats: mp4/3gp/mpd/mkv

    • Audio formats: mp3/aac


  • How do I download pictures from my Headset?

    How to operate:

    1. Use the USB cable to connect your computer to your headset.

    2. Put on your headset and select “Accept” to allow your computer to access your  headset.

    3. Find the "Pictures" folder, then select photos and drag it to your computer.

    *If your operation system cannot access the device, please refer to the article: How do I upload pictures or videos to my Headset?

  • Why isn't my friend list linked to XRSPACE App?

    Please close XRSPACE App on your phone and restart it to check your friend list.

  • Do I need to pay to join an event?

    Check the event type to see if you need to pay the fees for the event.