XRSPACE App and Personalization

  • How do I log into another account?

    If you want to log into another account, you have to reset the headset and re-pair.

    Please find the following steps:

    • Reset your headset to its factory settings simultaneously.

    • Open XRSPACE App on your phone, and tap "Sign in" to the account you want to use. If you don't see "Sign in", tap "Log out" on setting page.

    • Re-pair with the headset.

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  • Wi-Fi network is not showing up?

    Here are some solutions to try if you don’t see your wireless network in the list on XRSPACE App:

    • Make sure your network is available and working properly on another device.

    • Try to move to another location when the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

    • Restart your wireless device, and try to search it again.

    • Restart XRSPACE App, and try to search it again.

    • Try to connect your headset to another wireless network.

    If you can’t see your wireless network on any device, the problem may be with the network itself, contact your internet service provider for the help.

  • How do I change my Wi-Fi settings?

    Using XRSPACE App

    • Tap "Setting" on XRSPACE App.

    • Click the paired device (i.e. XR-SN#XXXXXXXXXX).

    • Click Wi-Fi.

    • Choose Wi-Fi you want, and enter the password.

    • Completed.


    *Note: If you used another mobile for Wi-Fi settings, you need to re-pair your device with your phone.


    Configure Wi-Fi settings on XRSPACE MANOVA world

    • Turn on your headset and go to XRSPACE MANOVA world.

    • Select "Settings" in the Main Menu.

    • Select "Wi-Fi network" in the sidebar.

    • Choose Wi-Fi you want and enter the password. (*You can connect to a hotspot on your mobile device for the network connection.)


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  • Forgot your account or password?

    Forgot password

    To ensure your data security, you can re-configure it yourself.

    • First, open XRSPACE App on phone

    • Tap “Sign In” and select “Forgot password” to enter your registered email address.

    • Click “Send email” to reset your password.

    Forgot account

    Try to recall your email account. If you still don’t remember, you will have to create a new one. 

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  • How do I change my username and nickname?

    You can create your “Username” and “Nickname” in XRSPACE MANOVA world:

    • Username is your unique identifier through which your friends can find you.

    • Nickname is directly displayed in XRSPACE MANOVA world. Your nickname may be the same as that of other users. 

    *Note: To ensure the security of your data, you have to change your username and nickname yourself. 


    Name rules

    The following shows the “Username” rules:

    • The length of the username must be between 2 and 20 characters.

    • If necessary, the username can contain letters, numbers, a dash (-) or a underline (_) but it is not allowed to have two consecutive dashes or underlines.

    The following shows the “Nickname” rules:

    • The nickname you enter may contain a space or special symbol.

    *Note: If your nickname offends others or violate XRSPACE Ethic Guideline, it may be changed forcibly.


  • How do I change the profile picture for my Avatar?

    Open XRSPACE App or enter to XRSPACE MANOVA world to change the profile picture for your avatar:   


    • Select “Restart”

    • Select “Start” to change the profile picture for your avatar.

    • Select “Gender of avatar” and "Choose avatar generation" , then tap “Next”.

    • Use editing tools (default) or take a photo to generate a new avatar for you and customize it based on your preference.


    • Open "Main Menu" and click "Settings".

    • Select "Map" and then click "My Spaces".

    • Go to "Dressing Room" to adjust your avatar.


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XRSPACE MANOVA (Headset, Controller, Tracker)

  • My microphone doesn't work

    If you are having trouble with microphone features, the following info may help you troubleshoot and resolve issues.

    1. Turn on and Increase the volume of your microphone

    Open the Main Menu> Settings> General> Microphone is on.


    Open the Main Menu> Settings> Sound> Increase the volume of Voice.


    *Speak into your microphone while checking to make sure your settings work.


    2. Make sure “speech recognition” works

    When you speak into the microphone, Speech Recognition transforms your voice into text on the screen.


    *If the problem still persists after following the above steps, it might be time to reset their HMD to its factory settings and re-test the microphone again.

  • What should I do if the laser beam of the controller is pointing to ceiling instead of to the front?

    Long press the "Action" button for 3 seconds to perform calibration when the controller mismatch with the control direction.


  • Keep seeing the launching screen when turning on my headset?

    When you use for the first time, remove the protective films on the tracking modules and lens of your headset. Then, turn on your headset , experience XRSPACE MANOVA world. 


  • How do I restart my Headset?

    If you have trouble using your headset, you can try to restart it to solve the problem. 

    How to restart:

    • Press and hold the “Power" button for 3 seconds until the menu appears.

    • Press "Volume" button to select restart option and then press "Function" button to perform it.


  • How to factory reset your Headset?

    Get ready to factory reset:



    1. Go to XRSPACE MANOVA world

    2. Open “Main Menu”, and select “Settings”

    3. Select “About ” in the sidebar, and click “Reset”. 


      *Important: A factory reset erases all your data from your device.


    • Tap "Settings" on XRSPACE App.

    • Click the paired device (i.e. XR-SN#XXXXXXXXXX).

    • Click "Factory Reset".

    • Completed.


      *Important: A factory reset erases all your data from your device.


  • How do I update the Headset to the newest system version?

    When a new version is available for download, the system will automatically update it when you turn on your headset. 

    To ensure your system can automatically update it, make sure the following is met:

    • Make sure the FOTA update setting is turned on. (Open the "Main Menu"> "Setting"> "About"> "Auto Update OS")

    • Make sure your headset is sufficiently charged, turned on, and connected to Wi-Fi.

    • Place your headset on a flat and stable location and do not move the device or block the internal sensor.

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  • Casting to your computer or TV screen

    XRSPACE MANOVA headset support Miracast that you can connect to another computer’s monitor wirelessly or mirror to TV, use it as your second monitor.

    Casting to a Windows PC

    1. Turn on "Projecting to this PC" on your computer (Settings > System > Projecting to this PC, and enable the function to connect to it).

    2. Put on your headset and cast your HMD to PC (Main Menu> Settings> General> Cast, choose the PC you want to cast) .



    Casting your HMD on your TV

    1. Make sure that your smart TV supports Miracast and enabled. Also, you can use a wireless display adapter for casting. ( i.e. Microsoft wireless display adapter, AnyCast or TV stick )

    2. Put on your headset and cast your HMD to your TV. ( Main Menu> Settings> General> Cast, choose the projection device you want to cast )


    *If you cannot search your projection device, please reset your TV stick and try it again. Contact the original retailer for more information.

  • Share your presentation with others.

    Please upload your file to cloud storage (i.e. Google Drive, OneDrive...etc.) to share it. 

    1. Go to Private Space (i.e. Meeting Room or Classroom).

    2. Open "Quick Access" > Tap "Invite" to share it with friends.

    3. Open "Main Menu"> Click "File" or "Browser"> Open your presentation and click "Share Screen" in the upper right corner. Make sure your file has already been saved to the cloud and an invitation message is accepted from your friend as well.

      Share_screen_NEW.png*Note: You are able to share the screen for 20 mins. 

  • If my account is offline in XRSPACE MANOVA World.

    When your internet disconnects, the account status next to people icon appears offline. You may try the following methods:

    1. Click "People icon" next to your account, and tap "log in".

    2. Choose your Wi-Fi network and enter the password to make sure you’re connected to the internet.


    If your account is connected with Wi-Fi, but the account status next to people icon still appears offline.

    1. Click "People icon" next to your account, and tap "log in".

    2. Attempting to reconnect your account.

    Auto_Logout.png Auto_Logout2.png

    If your problem still persists, contact XRSPACE Support Center for assistance.

  • My hand gestures cannot be detected.

    The headset is built with the tracking module which is used to track your hand gestures and surroundings.

    If your gestures cannot be detected, try to perform the following steps:

    • Check if the screen protector on the tracking module is removed.

    • Check if your gestures are performed within the tracking range of the headset. (The optimal detection area is  70 degrees vertical and 120 degrees horizontal.)

    • Press “Power” button to go to hibernation mode. And press it again to restart your headset.

    • To precisely track your gestures, always keep your tracking module clean. 


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  • How to add friends?

    Add Friends on XRSPACE App or XRSPACE MANOVA world. 


    1. Open XRSPACE App on phone.

    2. After logging into your account, tap the “Friends” icon at the bottom left corner.

    3. Tap “Add Friends” to search for your friend’s username or nickname.


    1. Open the “Main Menu” and select the “Friends”.

    2. You can use the “Search” function at the top right corner to search for the friend's username or nickname. After adding, wait for your friends to accept the invite.


  • How to interact with friends?

    You can follow one of the following methods to interact with your friends:

    • Move closer and hold out hands to do the interaction such as "high five", "shake hands"...etc.

    • You can open "Interaction Panel" by pointing to your friend and tap on him/her. (*Move closer if the "Interaction Panel" is not showing up.)


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