We will guide you through how to safely use XRSPACE MANOVA headset and XRSPACE MANOVA world.


    XRSPACE MANOVA headset

    The world’s first 5G consumer mobile VR headset and is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor. It is the true portable virtual reality device designed for immediate experiences as you can be easily operated with hand gestures with no additional controllers to navigate the virtual world.



    The new-generation VR social reality platform that filled with interactive and social content across education, gaming, health, entertainment, and more. People can connect, socialize, collaborate or have fun with friends, and fully immerse themselves in virtual spaces.


    XRSPACE avatar

    In XRSPACE MANOVA world, you can generate your true-presence avatar with just one selfie (XRSPACE avatar). Modeled after your own likeness, your avatar comes with full-body representation to match your best self in mind.


Environment and Safety Instruction

  • Cautions

    Before using your VR system, always use our product in the environments that are safe and familiar to you!


    Place of use

    The device is specifically designed for indoor use. Observe your surroundings and choose a suitable play area before starting to use the device.

    Clear any obstacles before using the device. Ensure that the play area is spacious enough to prevent collision with other people, objects, furniture, ceiling fans, or other items. Please also make sure to avoid areas which may cause you to lose balance during playing such as stairs, open doorways, or windows. Failure to do so may cause property damage or serious injury.

    While with headset on, avoid facing blank walls, transparent glass and mirrors closely which may cause issues with the tracking system. 


    Please make sure your environment is not too dark or not too bright for best experience.


    For safety reasons, we recommend sitting on a swivel chair or standing still to experience.


    When you are standing or sitting in the virtual world, it is not always related to whether you are actually standing or sitting in the real world. When you are seated in the virtual world, you will notice that your virtual legs appear and your view angle is adjusted accordingly.


    Visit the Health & Safety Warnings for more information on the safe use of your VR system.

    *Thoughtful tips

    1. Before using the device, make sure you are always in the center of the play area, i.e. you should reserve minimum space, 3 meter x 3 meter square, away from potential hazards (such as furniture or wall).

    2. See-through mode* will switch from virtual to real world view automatically when you venture beyond the Guardian area. *See-through mode: uses the front-facing optical sensors embedded on your headset to display real world surroundings within the headset.


Getting Started Guide

  • Unboxing Steps

    Let us walk you through the right steps to operate your XRSPACE MANOVA headset safely and maximize your experience. Please read this guide carefully before getting started and make sure you meet all the following requirements: 

    1. Take out XRSPACE MANOVA headset from the box.

    2. Before setting up your XRSPACE MANOVA headset, make sure you have taken out all items in the box.


    The box of your XRSPACE MANOVA contains the following items:

    • XRSPACE MANOVA headset

    • Controller

    • Carry case

    • Adaptor

    • USB cable

    • Lanyard

    • Two AA batteries (to use with the controller)

    • Quick Start Guide

    • Safety and Warranty Manual


    *XRSAPCE MANOVA-Technical Specification (Wifi)


    First-Time Usage Flow



App Download and Devices Pairing

  • Create Account

    Connect your headset to the power outlet through USB cable. When the LED indicator turns green, it is fully charged.


    Turn on your phone, download and install XRSPACE App, and follow the on-screen instructions to pair with the device. Then you will have the best experience:

    • Open XRSPACE App.

    • "Sign in" or "Create account" at the bottom of the screen and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed.

      • Create account: Enter your email account, password, nickname, username and date of birth on XRSPACE App. Next, go to your Inbox to find the verification email and click the link for the account verification. Then, sign in to your account.

      • Sign in: Enter your email address and password.

    • Select a country, and create your account profile.


    *Note: To install the XRSPACE App, you must meet the necessary requirements: 

    • iOS: For Apple iOS 13.0 or above, go to Apple Store to download and install it.

    • Android: For Android 7.0 or above, go to Google Play to download and install it.

  • Create Avatar

    Create your own avatar for your account and show your charming characters.


    Create your avatar through XRSPACE App on your phone: 

    • Select “Start” to create your avatar.

    • Select “Gender of avatar” and "Choose avatar generation" , then tap “Next”.

    • Use editing tools (default) or take a photo to generate a new avatar for you and customize it based on your preference.

    • Click "Upload" to finish setting up your avatar.2_US.png

  • Connect to Wi-Fi and Pair the Headset

    For more functions and features, your headset must be connected to Wi-Fi. Please select Wi-Fi during the setup process.


    Configure Wi-Fi settings through XRSPACE App on phone:  

    • Click "Pair new headset" on XRSPACE App.

    • Enter the six-digit number displayed on your device into XRSPACE App on phone.

    • Choose Wi-Fi you want, and enter the password.

    • Choose a "Language".



    • If you encounter any problem when using or configuring your device, make sure Wi-Fi signal is good. You can try to move to another location when the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

    • For developers, please check the developer documentation for more info.


    Configure Wi-Fi settings on XRSPACE MANOVA world

    • Turn on your headset and go to XRSPACE MANOVA world.

    • Select "Settings" in the Main Menu.

    • Select "Wi-Fi network" in the sidebar.

    • Choose Wi-Fi you want and enter the password. (*You can connect to a hotspot on your mobile device for the network connection.)


  • Pair the Controller

    You can navigate in XRSPACE MANOVA world with your hands or controller.


    Pair the controller with the headset: 

    • Open your XRSPACE App.

    • Click "Connect headset, controller, tracker" on the setting page.

    • Press and hold the "Menu" button and "Action" button on the controller at the same time. You will see the LED indicator on the controller starting to flash until it turns on and the screen on the phone shows paired. 


    *Note: Before you begin, make sure your controller has been installed with the supplied batteries and the lanyard has been tied to your controller.

  • Activation

    Next steps, confirm the activation message on XRSPACE App:

    • Read the health and safety guide on XRSPACE App, and select "Confirm".

    • You will see the "Settings" and "Friends" pages once activated.



Devices Introduction

  • Headset

    Headset introduction


    Button functions____US.png

    To do this

    How to do

    Turn on or off

    • Long press "Power" button for 3 seconds: Turn on the device.

    • Long press "Power" button for 3 seconds until the menu appears to turn off. Or press “Power” button for 5~10 seconds for instead.

    Hibernation Mode

    Enter to hibernation mode:

    • While the headset off and the sensor do not detect. 

    • Press “Power” button to place your device in hibernation.

    Release from hibernation mode:

    • While the headset on and the sensor do detect. 

    • Press “Power” button to wake your device from hibernation.

     *Note: Should you find any issues, press "Power" button once to pause the headset. To resume, please press again after 1 second.


    • Long press "Function" button for 3 seconds to calibrate your location in virtual world.

    Volume Control 

    •  Press to adjust volume.


    How to wear



    • When you use for the first time, remove the protective films on the tracking modules and lens of your headset. This makes your screen clear and improves the user experience.

    • It is not necessary to remove your glasses to watch videos when using your headset.


  • Controller

    Function buttons 





    Track pad

    • To teleport: Point at a Landing spot, and press to move to the spot.

    • To interact with object: Point at an object and press to trigger the action.

    • To scroll: Touch with thumb and slide to scroll the page. 


    Action button

    • Long press "Action" button and "Menu" button for 3 seconds: To pair or turn on your controller.

    • Long press for 3 seconds: To perform calibration when controller mismatch with the control direction.


    Menu button

    • Long press "Action" button and "Menu" button for 3 seconds: To pair or turn on your controller.

    • Press once: Open the "Main Menu".


     Trigger button

    •  Differs by application.


    Grip button

    • Press and hold: Point at an object, press and hold to grab the objects.


     LED Indicator

    • Indicator flashing: Pairing in progress.

    • Indicator on: Power on or successfully paired.


    *Note: Differs by application. 


    How to wear



  • Tracker

    How to wear

    Please ensure tracker positions are correct with directions facing outwards.





Hand Gestures and Menu Interface

  • Basic Gestures

    Learn hand gestures for XRSPACE MANOVA world

    Here is a handy reference to the hand gestures you use for interacting with XRSPACE MANOVA world.

    To do this

    How to do


    Open or close the Main Menu

    • Hold out your left hand with your palm facing you and then close your fist over it.


    Click or confirm

    • Point your index finger straight up toward the ceiling. Pinch your thumb and index finger together and then quickly release them.



    • Aim the destination circle at where you want to land, and then press the index finger to teleport.



    Grab objects


    • Hold out one hand with the palm facing down to grasp the object.


    Release objects

    • Release your original hand to place it.




    • Point your index finger straight up toward the ceiling. Pinch your thumb and index finger together and then move your hand up and down or side to side.


    Open or close the Quick Access

    • Hold out your right hand with your palm facing you and then close your fist over it.


    Quick Starts

    Hold out your left hand with your palm facing you and then close your fist to open Main Menu.


    Tap and release your index finger to click UI button. 


    Aim the destination circle at where you want to land, and then press the index finger to teleport.


    *Thoughtful tips

    • When you use hand gestures, the optimal detection area is  70 degrees vertical and 120 degrees horizontal.

    • The recommended optimal distance from your hands to the device is between 30 cm and 80 cm.

    • You can get the best experience with easy and natural hand gestures. Just hold your index finger up naturally and avoid dropping your finger too much. 



  • Main Menu

    Before you begin, turn on your headset and go to XRSPACE MANOVA world, find the "Main Menu" for more functions and features.


    The Main Menu is shown as below:

    • Friends: Add friends and check their online status.

    • Navigate: Go to scenes and check the number of people in each scene.

    • Apps: Get apps, games on XRSPACE MANOVA world.

    • Events: Add, join, or cancel an event.

    • Media: Find movies, videos, TV shows and more.

    • Gallery: View photos or videos on XRSPACE MANOVA world.

    • Browser: Browse the web using Browser on XRSPACE MANOVA world.

    • Settings: You can search for XRSPACE MANOVA world settings you want to change, such as your Wi-Fi, sounds, system version and more.



    Next steps

    Congratulations! You are ready to explore XRSPACE MANOVA world.



  • Quick Access

    If you would like to quick access commonly used settings and features, hold out your right hand with your palm facing you and then close your fist to get going quickly .


    Quick Access (Sidebar):

    • Camera: Take a photo.

    • Sounds: Turn on or off.

    • Home:Take you "Home".

    • MicrophoneTurn on or off.

    • Setting: Open the "Settings".

    • Together: Select people around you to invite them to where you go.

    Quick Access (Top bar):

    • Motions: Dance and social interaction.

    • Sticker

    • Vmoji

    • Message: Display message notifications.

    • Invite: Select your friends to the place where you are located.


  • Explore the Map

    The world of XRSPACE MANOVA is composed of many public spaces and private spaces. 

    From the user’s exclusive virtual home, private cinema, to social places for meeting new friends, and even special spaces tailored for partners, all these spaces can be explored through the Map in the Main Menu.

    Click the "Map" button in the Main Menu to explore the world of XRSPACE MANOVA.


    Under the main category “Map” at the top of the screen, it contains various public space subcategories. Those spaces are open to all XRSPACE users, and you can enter freely without being invited.

    Click the information icon next to each subcategory name, you will see what spaces are available under this subcategory.


    Click the thumbnail to go to that space.


    You can switch between different subcategories of the public space list through the "Navigation" field on the left side of the screen.


    Click "My Spaces" at the top of the screen to see all available private spaces.

    Only you can enter these private spaces. If you want other users to get in, you need to invite them by creating events or by friend lists. Similarly, only when you are invited can you enter the private space of others.

    *Note: Currently, the dressing room is not allowed to invite others to enter.


    If you want to return to your home, please click the house icon in the upper right corner of the homepage of Map.


    Click the Navigation icon in the upper right corner to view all spaces in the world.