Casting to your computer or TV screen

XRSPACE MANOVA headset support Miracast that you can connect to another computer’s monitor wirelessly or mirror to TV, use it as your second monitor.

Casting to a Windows PC

1. Turn on "Projecting to this PC" on your computer (Settings > System > Projecting to this PC, and enable the function to connect to it).

2. Put on your headset and cast your HMD to PC (Main Menu> Settings> General> Cast, choose the PC you want to cast) .



Casting your HMD on your TV

1. Make sure that your smart TV supports Miracast and enabled. Also, you can use a wireless display adapter for casting. ( i.e. Microsoft wireless display adapter, AnyCast or TV stick )

2. Put on your headset and cast your HMD to your TV. ( Main Menu> Settings> General> Cast, choose the projection device you want to cast )


*If you cannot search your projection device, please reset your TV stick and try it again. Contact the original retailer for more information.

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