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The world of XRSPACE MANOVA is composed of many public spaces and private spaces. 

From the user’s exclusive virtual home, private cinema, to social places for meeting new friends, and even special spaces tailored for partners, all these spaces can be explored through the Map in the Main Menu.

Click the "Map" button in the Main Menu to explore the world of XRSPACE MANOVA.


Under the main category “Map” at the top of the screen, it contains various public space subcategories. Those spaces are open to all XRSPACE users, and you can enter freely without being invited.

Click the information icon next to each subcategory name, you will see what spaces are available under this subcategory.


Click the thumbnail to go to that space.


You can switch between different subcategories of the public space list through the "Navigation" field on the left side of the screen.


Click "My Spaces" at the top of the screen to see all available private spaces.

Only you can enter these private spaces. If you want other users to get in, you need to invite them by creating events or by friend lists. Similarly, only when you are invited can you enter the private space of others.

*Note: Currently, the dressing room is not allowed to invite others to enter.


If you want to return to your home, please click the house icon in the upper right corner of the homepage of Map.


Click the Navigation icon in the upper right corner to view all spaces in the world.



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