How do I watch movies with my friends?

Watch movies together with your friends online! 

Invite friends to watch movies:

  1. Open "Main Menu", select "Navigate" and go to "Cinema". 

  2. Click "Friends", and invite them to watch movies.

  3. Send an invitation, and wait your friends to accept it.

  4. Point at the cinema screen, and choose the movie you want. 

Join a movie and watch together:

  1. Open "Main Menu", select "Friends".

  2. Join a movie together with your friend.


See figure 1: Search friends, and click the icon in the upper right if you want to invite them or join in.

See figure 2: Call your friends, and see the buttons on left side if you want to invite them or join in.

*Green: Invite friends.

*Yellow: Join in.


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