How do I upload pictures or videos to my Headset?

How to operate:

  1. Use the USB cable to connect your computer to your headset.

  2. Put on your headset and select “Accept” to allow your computer to access your headset. In the meantime, hold out your right hand with your palm facing you and then close your fist to open "Quick Access", click "Message", select "see the more option" to transfer files.

    • For Windows, the headset will be automatically detected and its driver will install on your computer.

    • For Mac, you have to install the “Android file transfer” Tool to transfer files between devices.

    • On the Chromebook and Chrome operating system, you must use the Files application to access your headset.


  3. Select files on your computer and click and drag it to your headset.

    • Move your pictures to the specified folder (Pictures). Subsequently you can view them by going to “Gallery” in XRSPACE MANOVA world.

    • Move your videos to the specified folder (Movies). Subsequently you can view them by going to “Gallery” in the XRSPACE MANOVA world. 

If the corresponding driver of the headset cannot be installed on your computer :

  1. Make sure you use the USB cable supplied with XRSPACE MANOVA package.

  2. Make sure you have tapped “Accept” in the headset so that your computer can access the files in your headset.

  3. Update the driver of your device:

    • Go to the computer desktop (i.e. Windows) , Search “Device Manager”.

    • Select “XRSPACE Device” or “Portable Device” to expand your options.

    • Right-click on your “XRSPACE Device” and select “Update Driver”.

    • Select the “Browse” for Computer option and select one.

    • Select “MTP USB Device” and select Next to finish update. 

*Thoughtful tips

The supported file formats are:

  • Video formats: mp4/3gp/mpd/mkv

  • Audio formats: mp3/aac


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