How do I change my username and nickname?

You can create your “Username” and “Nickname” in XRSPACE MANOVA world:

  • Username is your unique identifier through which your friends can find you.

  • Nickname is directly displayed in XRSPACE MANOVA world. Your nickname may be the same as that of other users. 

*Note: To ensure the security of your data, you have to change your username and nickname yourself. 


Name rules

The following shows the “Username” rules:

  • The length of the username must be between 2 and 20 characters.

  • If necessary, the username can contain letters, numbers, a dash (-) or a underline (_) but it is not allowed to have two consecutive dashes or underlines.

The following shows the “Nickname” rules:

  • The nickname you enter may contain a space or special symbol.

*Note: If your nickname offends others or violate XRSPACE Ethic Guideline, it may be changed forcibly.


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