Connect to Wi-Fi and Pair the Headset

For more functions and features, your headset must be connected to Wi-Fi. Please select Wi-Fi during the setup process.


Configure Wi-Fi settings through XRSPACE App on phone:  

  • Click "Pair new headset" on XRSPACE App.

  • Enter the six-digit number displayed on your device into XRSPACE App on phone.

  • Choose Wi-Fi you want, and enter the password.

  • Choose a "Language".



  • If you encounter any problem when using or configuring your device, make sure Wi-Fi signal is good. You can try to move to another location when the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

  • For developers, please check the developer documentation for more info.


Configure Wi-Fi settings on XRSPACE MANOVA world

  • Turn on your headset and go to XRSPACE MANOVA world.

  • Select "Settings" in the Main Menu.

  • Select "Wi-Fi network" in the sidebar.

  • Choose Wi-Fi you want and enter the password. (*You can connect to a hotspot on your mobile device for the network connection.)


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