Main Menu

Before you begin, turn on your headset and go to XRSPACE MANOVA world, find the "Main Menu" for more functions and features.


The Main Menu is shown as below:

  • Friends: Add friends and check their online status.

  • Navigate: Go to scenes and check the number of people in each scene.

  • Apps: Get apps, games on XRSPACE MANOVA world.

  • Events: Add, join, or cancel an event.

  • Media: Find movies, videos, TV shows and more.

  • Gallery: View photos or videos on XRSPACE MANOVA world.

  • Browser: Browse the web using Browser on XRSPACE MANOVA world.

  • Settings: You can search for XRSPACE MANOVA world settings you want to change, such as your Wi-Fi, sounds, system version and more.



Next steps

Congratulations! You are ready to explore XRSPACE MANOVA world.



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